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Book Marketing Made Easy

 Appearing As An Expert To Your List Please Don’t Get Stuck on Google! Is it laziness? Is it narrow or closed mindedness? Is it lack of direction? Maybe I’m just lucky. I stumbled upon the right information online early in my online business to avoid this pitfall… For some reason, people think when you have a website, there is only one way to promote them and make money. And that’s why they will ultimately fall someday! Gee, I get all this Google traffic and make some good money… And then one day Google changes something in their Algorithm and...

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The Missing Element in Your Funnel

The Missing Element in Your Funnel HTML Help by The Web Design Group Just was surfing and bumped into this… Thought someone might find it helpful! Summary Of Auto System by Sean Mize http://s3.amazonaws.com/IdeasThatFly/freemrraudio/011_summaryofautosystem/11summaryofautomatedsystem-deep.mp3 Private Label Rights To This Audio By Sean Mize DOWNLOAD HERE The Missing Element in Your Funnel The first thing new online business owners learn is the power of the offer funnel. You’ll find WordPress plugins to help you design your funnel and landing-page creators to assist in building it. And yet still your funnel doesn’t perform as it should. So what’s missing? Cohesiveness. I...

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Is your website mobile-friendly?

Is your website mobile-friendly? Google update will hit you badly if not Just how common this sight is shows how big mobilegeddon’s impact will be. hipsters by View Apart/shutterstock.com Aleksej Heinze, University of Salford There are no four riders of the apocalypse, but mobilegeddon is here: Google is due to roll out its latest search ranking algorithm update. Following the way in which mobile phones are driving internet uptake and innovation, this update will focus on favouring mobile devices – and websites that aren’t mobile-friendly are likely to find their search results ranking gets clobbered. The commercially sensitive secret...

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The Art of Storytelling

Google Algo Change Dealing with Jerks Whatever you end up doing online, there is no getting away from Jerks. Jerks are everywhere. Usually they think they are better than you are. Their ego drives them to confront people with malicious words and actions… Most of the time I am pretty good at ignoring them, but once in a while one will get under my skin. Sometimes they say things that are a direct blow at YOU and it becomes personal….. BUT WAIT! I am guilty of lashing back. I’m not saying I haven’t. I need to keep myself in...

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Profitable Product Launching – 4 Definitive Advantages to Product Launching

Marketing Model The Internet Community It’s amazing really. The longer you hang out online the more you realize how small the internet community is. Sure there are millions of people online, but there are tight communities people hang in… I run into people I know in different forums all the time. I had someone e-mail me today in a private forum that I’ve bumped into on numerous occassions at WebProWorld.com… Out of the blue. It’s not the first time. It happens all the time. That’s a good thing. That’s part of doing business online. Building relationships… but you also...

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