​‘Before I get into the good stuff … ’


I have something that I want to quickly run past you.

You see … if you mess this part up, then no matter what system I show you here you’ll not achieve any long-term results.

Here’s how the typical wannabe marketer who makes no or very little money approaches making money online:

      1. Buy the latest get rich quick shiny object with resell rights.
      2. Upload the given sales page without changes except payment page. (The same page uploaded by thousands of other wannabe internet marketers.)
      3. Promote the product using payed traffic, payed email and social media. ( Maybe make one or two sales. 99.99% of prospects not intrested having seen it promoted a thousend times before.
      4. Move on to next shiny object and repeat cycle over and over again.
      5. Decide this internet marketing is a load of crap and will never work with so much compation.

Now to a process that’s actualy works and makes money 100%. You will notice that this process is very different:

The Mindset is focused on a long term vision by delivering real value to an audience before money has even been sugested or asked for. The focus is not on a quick buck as the above process sugests, but building a business with long term customers on an email list.

The basics of every online business is to attract new leads to your email list and then, by over-dilivering on your content, to convert those leads into buying customers.

When you find a problem with your system, and you will, then you make changes and test until you are back to smooth running again.

Problems are always solvable. There’s always a salution if you work on it.

Build and develop your core business model then invite your list to invest in it. If you have a solid email list of prospects you could expect to see a 15 to 25 percent take up on your offer.

Marketers that understand this process and philosophy can’t help but make money.

Remember! Working one main business model allows for continuous growth. You test and tweak elements continuously.