​‘The happiest place on Earth’

Vanuatu to you may be the mountains in Peru or the lakes in Canada. Rome Italy or Paris France. It may even be the Sunshine Coast Australia where I live. Wherever!

How many people do you know that are working long hours in jobs that they hate. Why do they do this? Because we are programmed to think that that’s what’s needed to survive in the climate that life dishes up to us.

I love Tim Ferriss’s brilliant 4-Hour Work Week that went a long way in changing my perception of living anywhere in the world.

In the following pages I’m going to lay out a system that I use to generate passive income streams online.

This simple system can allow you to live almost anywhere in the world.

If it’s Vanuatu, then you simply need to create one system that earns you $100/day … or two systems that earn you $50/day each.

If $100K/yr is your goal … then 4 systems that each earn you $70/day in profit will allow you to achieve that.