The Internet Community

It’s amazing really. The longer you hang out online the more you realize how small the internet community is. Sure there are millions of people online, but there are tight communities people hang in…

I run into people I know in different forums all the time. I had someone e-mail me today in a private forum that I’ve bumped into on numerous occassions at… Out of the blue.

It’s not the first time. It happens all the time.

That’s a good thing. That’s part of doing business online. Building relationships… but you also build personal relationships with some. You share personal experiences. You help each other through good and bad times.

It’s amazing.

If you haven’t already done so, find a good forum to hang around. There are some bad ones, but if you look, you’ll find the good ones.

Just start hanging around. You’ll start to get to know the people. Then you can start participating… or just jump in.

There are forums for everything. Whatever you’re involved in. If you got a career, theres a forum for it. If you have a hobby, there’s a forum for it.

I hang around mostly internet marketing, tech, and other business related forums.

I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t discovered their power.

Beyond relationships you can learn endless things. Not just anything. Things drawing from experience. It’s better than a textbook. It’s interactive. If you ask there is usually someone waiting with an answer. You can search databases of threads that could contain untold information…

Expereince the Power of Forums… Explore and Grow!


Marketing Model


Online and traditional businesses are under extreme pressure to create, innovate, and introduce new products. They are refining their skills in profitable product launching techniques that will surely result in growth and robust sales. Today, the life cycle of a product is decreasing while innovation is accelerating. That’s why businesses are in constant pressure to meet the demand for new product launch and gain advantage over their competitors. The advantages of regularly launching new products are as follows:

1. Your product’s life cycle can be extended. Because you’re the first one to introduce the product, it will take time for your competition to catch up. And before they launch their own innovations, your product has been on the market for a longer period. This is a sure advantage over other companies.

2. If your product is the first to reach the market, you can capture the large segment of consumers who are thirsting for new products. Your business can build a solid base of loyal consumers and repeat buyers will increase. That’s why it’s very important to have the first-in-the-market advantage.

3. You can also achieve greater brand recognition if you are the one who always make the first innovations. Your brand name or trade name can be recognized by the market for trail blazing new improvements.

4. You can secure and get the leadership position in the market. It is very important for every business to gain the top position in product branding and innovations. The market will put you and your company in high esteem. And every time top of the line and high end product is released in the market, it will be associated with your company.

Clearly, constant product launching and innovation will determine the competitiveness of your company over others. Securing the top spot in the market will definitely result in booming sales.