Unrestricted Private Label Rights

Resale rights work in such a way that an owner of an article, book or video grants one the authority to sell that product to others and keep the profits. Private label rights, however, go much further, efficiently granting the “private label rights” (PLR) buyer to do make changes to the product but may impose restrictions on the distribution rights.

Unrestricted Private Label Rights (UPLR) makes available to you the benefits of doing what you want with the material’s given.

Having unrestricted rights to products, you are allowed to do all the editing that you want. You can incorporate any link that you desire, any illustrations or images and add in any additional content. Additionally, you can choose to grant a user only rights, resell rights, master resell rights and even private label rights license to your finished product.


The main disadvantage with unrestricted private label rights (UPLR) is that the products you purchase are not unique, since these are sold to hundreds of individuals, although 99% who do buy make no effort in producing a unique product of there own.

Remember, unrestricted private label rights products are only a template and because you are permitted to alter content, you have the capability to make them unique, so that they will become original. You have your very own product without the effort of making it all by yourself.

Simply put, if you have a facility with words and a little talent for editing videos and graphics, the content of the product that you will sell plus the sales page will be totally different from everyone else’s. Therefore, instead of competing with some 4000 other individuals who try to sell the very same private label rights “as is”, by simply changing the content, adding new sections, constructing a new catchy title, changing the author’s name into yours, you have an original product

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