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Online Business Coaching Has Arrived!!

Yes, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! OK, maybe you haven’t been waiting for it, but it’s still here…

I’ve been preparing to launch an Online Business Coaching Site for months. It will now lie at the center of my online business. “DevBuilder.com” is the website.

Everything I’ve been working for is now realised… Almost.

I do have some additions to the program that will come in the next few months.

I am also working feverishly on a new eBook about the Internet and Online Opportunitys. I will also be adding new issues of the IMMagazine to keep it going beond the first twelve months…. And maybe 1 or 2 other things… Littered with really great info to help you succeed online!

My target date is June 1, 2020. But no promises! I have a feeling I’m going to be busy.

Oh! And whoever takes advantage of the “Development Builder Coaching” on its release will get the eBook for no additional charge!

Development Builder Coaching” also includes some free bonuses and deals on some eBooks related to your endeavors…

Enough Typing. Go check it out!

Learn more at my site here: “Development Builder Coaching

‘Til next time… Go Make Some Money!!

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Who Is Sean Mize. Initially made his “claim to fame” on ezinearticles by writing ~ 1500 articles his first 10 months in the business, then by hiring writers to write another ~23,500 – Next, Sean developed a virtual coaching program system designed to make it super easy for someone to coach 100% from home with just a telephone and an internet connection, and then wrote a book, Anyone Can Coach, to teach the system. Now he teaches online marketers with established businesses how to increase email conversion, sell more products, create coaching programs, and automate revenue through emails.


Webinar Magic: 3 Powerful Benefits Every Webinar Offers

Been on a webinar lately? I bet you have.

The fact is, webinars are one of today’s hottest marketing trends. Each and every week, you’ll find small business owners hosting webinars about book publishing, blogging, and even how to sell T-shirts online. No matter what your niche or industry, webinars are a great option for growing your market.

List Building

Perhaps the number one reason to host a webinar—especially if you partner with another business owner in a complementary niche—is to grow your list. Here’s why it works so well.

As a business owner with resources and information to share, you’re in demand, and there are plenty of others out there looking to partner with you. Find a colleague in a related niche to host your event. Ask her to mail her list with an offer to join you both on the call. Collect emails in your mailing list system. Any sales you make from the event will pay your partner an affiliate commission. That way you both win: You build your mailing list, and she earns cash for her time.

Show Off Your Expertise

You’ve no doubt heard plenty of people talking about the “know, like and trust factor.” It’s a simple reminder that very few people will buy from you the first time they encounter your website or get an email from you. They need more info.

A webinar is a fantastic way to build up their trust. Because they can hear your voice, and maybe even see your face, there’s an instant connection. Not only that, but you get to impress them with your knowledge of the topic. Your audience will walk away not only knowing you better, but also with the impression that you are the go-to person in your niche.

Sell to a Captive Audience

Here’s a fact you may not have considered: Webinar attendees are primed to buy. Make them an irresistible offer, and you’ll be amazed at how effective “selling from the stage” can be.

What’s irresistible? Try these proven tactics:

  • Fast acting bonuses just for those who buy while on the call or shortly after it ends.

  • Deep discounts available only for a limited time—typically if they buy before midnight of the day of the event.

Both plans have worked for thousands of webinar presenters, and will work for you, too.

Whether you’ve never hosted a webinar before, or you’re already an old hand, there’s little doubt that this is a tool that really performs. The amount of time you spend preparing and promoting is minor compared to the potential returns, so get out there and start planning your next webinar event!